Spare Parts & Consumables

SKG Trading is a spare parts supplier of components, consumables and materials to the aviation industry. As a leading supplier of spare parts, aerospace fasteners & consumables SKG Trading can provide you with more than 400,000 part numbers from over 2,300 suppliers. SKG Trading will be your supplier of choice – delivering the right part at the right time in the right place.
Whether just a single part shipped overnight, a comprehensive Kit, or a bin management program, SKG Trading has the personnel, parts, and processes for virtually any customer requirement. With proven systems and procedures, we can provide customers with a consistent and reliable stock replenishment solution that’s optimal for their needs.
SKG Trading’s highly experienced staff make it possible for customers with airplane-on-ground requirements (AOG requirements) or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft parts quickly and ensure cost savings while complying with the highest standards of Customer satisfaction.

Some products we distribute:

ElectricalEngine PartsInstrumentsLanding GearPilot SuppliesToolsAerodynamicsSealsFiltersHardware & FastenersElectricalInteriors
Air Conditioners Cables & Connectors Ground Starting LED Lighting Power Supplies
Alternators Circuit Breakers Ignition Switches Noise Filters Relays
Batteries Control Units Instrument Lighting Pin & Socket Tools
Battery Accessories Flashlights Interior Lighting Power Converters
Battery Chargers Fuses Landing Lights Power Panels
Air Filters Carb Heat Boxes Fuel Filters Gaskets Oil Systems
Air/Oil Separators Carburetors & Parts Fuel Pumps Ignition Systems O-Rings
Alternators Engines Fuel Senders Magnetos & Parts
Exhaust Systems Exhaust Components Fuel Valves Oil Coolers
Engine Accessories Fuel Systems Gascolators Oil Filters
Aircraft Digital Instruments Attitude Indicators Compasses Flap Position Indicators Instrument Lighting
Accelerometers Cabin Air Gauges Density Altitude Fuel Instruments Manifold Pressure Gauges
Airspeed indicators Carburetor Gauges Directional Gyros Hour Meters
Altimeters Chronometers/Clocks Emergency Power Backups Hydraulic Pressure Gauges
Ammeters CHT Gauges Engine Monitoring Systems Inclinometers
Axles & Axle Nuts Float/Skis Nose Wheels Tailwheels Wheel Accessories
Brake Components Jacks Rudder Parts Tires & Tubes Wheel & Brake Kits
Brake Discs Landing Gear, Experimental Shock Cords/Rings Tools
Brake Linings Leaf Springs Strut Parts Turbine Rotables
Brakes Master Brake Cylinders Tailwheel Accessories Wheels
Air Coolers Flight Computers Fire Extinguishers Hangar Equipment Petal Planes
Armrests Aircraft Covers Flashlights Headsets Seat Accessories
Bird Deterrents Cowl Plugs Flight Bags Headset Accessories
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Ear Plugs Fuel Testers Oxygen Systems
Cockpit Accessories Electronic Flight Bags Fuel Transfer Pumps  Parachutes
Cable Equipment Engine Tools Inspection Equipment Metal Working Tools Power Tools
Clamping Tools Flashlights Magnetic Tools/Holders Oil Filter Tools Rivet Tools
Dehumidifiers Gauges Magnifying Tools Painting Equipment
De-icing Equipment Hand Tools Marking Utensils Planers
Drilling Equipment Heat Guns Measuring Devices Pneumatic Tools
Air inlets Carb Heat Boxes Door Parts Glareshields Rubber Channel
Bearings Control Wheels Door Seals Lightning Protection Seat Belts & Harnesses
Boots & Covers Cowling Flap Actuators Propellers
Cable Assemblies Cowl Seals Floats Pulleys & Springs
Canopies Cozy Parts Fuel Systems Pushrod Fittings
    • Largest stocking distributor of aerospace seals
    • Mil-spec standards: MS, AS, AMS, NAS, NSA, BAC
    • Long-term relationships and agreements with major seal manufacturers
    • PMAs available for many applications
Back-Up Rings Gaskets Retaining Rings
Bonded Seals Mechanical Seals Rings
Boss Seals Metal Seals Rubber-Metal Seals
Carbon Seals Oil Seals Seals
Conductive Seals O-Rings Standard Seals
Conical Seals Packings T-Seals
Extruded & Molded Seals Proprietary Seals Teflon Seals
  • Filters available from more than 15 suppliers and manufacturers
  • PMAs available for many applications
Air Fuel Oil
Avionics Galley Potable & Lavatory Water
Engine Hydraulic Waste Tank
  • Specialty bolts, fuse pins & fasteners for landing gear and airframe applications
  • Mil-spec standards: MS, AS, AN, NAS, NSA, ABS, AMS, ASNE, NTA
  • Authorized distributor of H-Shear and Hi-lock hardware and many others
Adapters Ferrules Liners Shims
Bolts Fittings Nuts Sleeves
Brackets Gaskets Pins Sockets
Bushings Grommets Plates Spacers
Cables Hinges Plugs Springs
Caps Hoses Pulleys Studs
Clamps Inserts Reducers Turnbuckles
Collars Joints Retainers Unions
Couplings Keys Rivets Valves
Fasteners Latches Screws Washers
  • Electrical parts available from more than 20 manufacturers
  • Mil-spec standards: MS, AS, AN, NAS, NSA, ABS
  • PMAs available for various applications
Backshells Connectors Leads Sensors
Bonding straps Contacts ModulesPins SplicesStraps/Tie Downs
Cable ties Fuses Push buttons Switches
Circuit breakers Lamps Relays Terminals
  • Regional airliner seat part offerings
  • More than 350 interior customers supported worldwide
  • Tray tables and repair development

A few of the brands we sell are:

3M AWI Electronic International LPS Pilot USA Simple Green
Aero Classic Becker Falcon McCreary Poly Fiber SIRS
Aero Leds Belite Electronics Flightcom McFarlane Avionics Precision Softcomm
Aerospace Logic Bendix King Garmin MGL Avionics Proforce Equipment Telex
ADI Beyer Dynamic Gill Michelin PTI Tempest
Air Paths Boeing Gleim Micro Air RAM Mounts TL Electronics
Ameri King Brackett Goodyear MicroFlight Randolph Topwing Industries
Alcor Champion Hartzell Mid Continent Rapco UMA
Andair Clarity Aloft Honeywell Mitchell Raytheon United
Anywhere Map Cleveland ICOM Mittler Bros RC Allen VDO
ASA Comtronics Jeppesen MyGor Flight Red Canoe Vedalo HD
Ashby Concorde J.P. Instruments Narco Rockwell Collins Vertical Power
Avcomm David Clark Kannad OP Tech Scheyden Westach
Aveo Davtron Kelly Aerospace Oregon Aero Sennheiser Whelen
AVL DRE Communications Light Speed Peltor Sigma Tree
AvMap Dynon Avionics LP Aero PIG Sigtronics