SKG Trading Corp. provides you with a complete selection of quality aerospace fluids. We offer products for commercial, regional and military applications.

Turbine Oils at SKG Trading Corp

Turbine Oils
Mobil Jet Oil II, Mobil Jet Oil 254
BP 2380, BP 2197, 274, 25, 2389
Aeroshell 500, 555, 560, 750
Royco 481, 555, 560, 808
mobilgrease from SKG Trading Corp
Mobilgrease 28, 33
Mobil Aviation grease SHC 100
AeroShell grease 5, 6, 7, 14, 22, 33, 33MS

Piston Engine Oils
Exxon Elite 20W50
Aeroshell 100, W100, W100 Plus, W120, 15W50
Phillips 66 X/C 20W50, 25W60

Exxon HyJet V
Hydraulic Fluids
Skydrol 500B4, LD-4, Skydrol 5
Exxon HyJet IV-A+, HyJet V
Royco 756 and 782
all other popular Mil-Spec fluids
Specialty Fluids and Consumables at SKG Trading Corp
Specialty Fluids & Consumables
LPS Labs Corrosion Inhibitors, Degreasers, and Contact Cleaners
Silicones and Adhesives
Adhesive tapes and sealants from 3M, PRC Sealants, Hysol, GE Silicones Tapes and Shop Materials